Online Pokies Reviews – Gather Information before Taking Plunge


Before we delve into the reviews on online pokies, it is important to know the history of ‘pokies’. The word actually originated in Australia. In earlier days, a special room was earmarked for pokies. The world of gambling has undergone a massive change since introduction of computer and internet. Nowadays, many land-based pokies have found their way to computer in your drawing room. Online pokies give you a good chance of enjoying the thrill and fun of game playing right from your home while winning money is a good bonanza.

With several websites offering online pokies, it gets truly difficult to find out which and how many of them are reliable. The online players often wonder if there is a surefire away to filter out the websites that prey on ignorance of the newbie. Reading through the online pokies reviews is the best way to learn how to identify the reliable pokies website. These reviews guide you in regards to choice of websites to play pokies online. However, make sure that you are going through unbiased and authentic reviews about the online pokies sites.

Types of Online Pokies

There is a large variety of online pokies but all of them are not made available on every website. So you first need to familiarize yourself with different types of pokies and then check if the particular game you like and know the most is on offer by the websites. Here are some most popular pokies played online.

Classic Slot Game – It is the online version of the classic slot game (one-arm bandit) played in the brick and mortar casinos. The game is simple to play. Most of them feature just three-reel option. Usually they are available in single payline though three or five payliines are not uncommon.

Bonus Game – This one is considered the most thrilling of all online pokies. Thunderstruck is most favorite for the players and the seasoned gamers are almost crazy with this popular game.

Theme-based Video Slot Games Pokies websites have now introduced more exciting varieties of online games with optimum use of the latest technology. These are extremely popular with the gamers as they give more fun and excitement. With a pay line range between 5 and 25, this particular game offers several varieties. Slot Games with Video Feature are a huge hit with the gamers as these are based on special characters such as Hulk.

Progressive Slot Games – Every gamer has a dream to play this game. This is because; the game contains a lucrative amount of jackpot. Playing with max coins is a good strategy that increases the chance of winning the game. Millionaire club and Gold Rally are two of the most popular online pokies in this category.

After you have got some basic idea about pokies online, start with searching the most reliable websites that offer your favorite games. Some online pokies reviews are written by the smart content writers. These are fake and written to convince you to play pokies on their site. Rely on only genuine reviews, otherwise you may end up losing chunk of money on an illegitimate website.

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